How to Win Texas Hold 'Em Poker

You can win more poker hands when you play Texas Hold 'Em by perfecting your strategy. The more strategies you incorporate into your poker play, the better off you will be.


    • 1

      Know the value of your poker hand, and play it accordingly.

    • 2

      Play only strong hands in full table games. You will have to beat more players in this type of poker game.

    • 3

      Only play loose in short-handed games, but not too loose.

    • 4

      Be prepared to fold your cards most of the time. You will only play in a few hands during a long period of time.

    • 5

      Know your hand odds and your pot odds before you get involved in a pot. This will tell you if it is worth continuing or not.

    • 6

      Play strong hands (or high pairs) aggressively before the flop. It is better to get other players out of the hand early.

    • 7

      Do not chase open-end or low-end straights. You will win more often going for high-end ones only.

    • 8

      You should not play when you are not able to commit yourself 100 percent or are short on finances. It is very important to know when to quit.

    • 9

      Make sure you are playing your cards and not your ego. This may sound easy, but it is a very common problem with some poker players.

    • 10

      Keep an eye on other players to learn how they play. It is easiest to do this when you are not involved in the pot.

    • 11

      Play your hands with confidence, even if you make a few mistakes. No poker player starts out knowing all the rules, strategies, and so on. Don't beat yourself up for a few wrong plays.

    • 12

      Do not imitate other players when you play poker; understand the concepts they use instead.

    • 13

      When you are holding a low pair (six or less), play very cautiously. If your hand doesn't improve on the flop, fold.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure you allow yourself to be caught bluffing sometimes. This will keep the other players guessing about your play.
  • Understand and use proper poker etiquette when playing. This will keep other players at ease.
  • Be willing to change how you play. It is never a good idea to play your hands the same way every time.
  • Practice, practice, practice! There is no better way to learn poker than by actually playing it.
  • Texas Hold 'Em poker is fun and exciting. It can also be very profitable, if you have the understanding needed to be a winning poker player.
  • Avoid playing in suited flops unless you have the "nut" (best) flush card.
  • Always know how many chips your opponents have. When they are getting low, they may try to steal a pot.
  • Try to stay away from superstitions when playing poker. It is better to increase your knowledge of the game than to start believing you can control it with superstitions.
  • Always continue to learn as you play Texas Hold 'Em poker, and you will be more successful at it.
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