How to Buy a Convection Oven


A convection oven is more expensive than a conventional oven, but it uses less electricity that can save you money over time. Convection ovens use a fan to circulate the air inside the oven to provide even temperatures throughout the oven as well as speeding the cooking process.

  • Measure the length and width of the space in your kitchen and make sure the oven you select fits in this space. Also measure the depth of your counters and existing oven to compare to the convection oven depth.

  • Look at which type of convection fan the ovens you are considering have. The two main fan types are dome and flange. The dome type fans are known to produce better air circulation and less chance of hot spots in the oven than the flange type fans.

  • Ask if the oven has a third heating element in front of the fan, or just an upper and lower element. The reason for the third element is so that the fan will blow preheated air which will allow the oven to cook even faster. Not all convection ovens have this third element.

  • Make sure the oven has an interior light. This is generally standard in most ovens now. The light is useful when cooking items that you should not open the door to inspect like cakes.

  • Decide whether the self-cleaning mode is important. Most ovens come standard with this, but ovens without it which may be a little cheaper.

  • Open and close the door to see if it is well balanced. Make sure it neither slams shut or falls open. You will be opening and closing the oven a lot in its future and it needs to be comfortable to use.

  • Learn what electrical requirements the oven has, or if it is a gas version. Make sure your home is equipped to handle the oven.

Tips & Warnings

  • Look for the fan in the back to identify an oven as convection. Dome-shaped fans are visible and easy to identify. If the back of the oven is flat looking with holes around the edges of it, you are looking at a flange type fan.
  • Don't forget the stove top. Most household cooking occurs here and not in the oven. Make sure you choose an oven that has a stovetop that will work for you.

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