How to Use the Queen Insects in Dead Rising


If you stumble back into the Warehouse at the appropriate time, you may be witness to a rather interesting (if gruesome) cinematic. From here on out, you may find a small Queen insect in a dead zombie. These little bugs can be quite useful if you know how to use them!

  • Watch the video, or skip through it if you're trying to minimize the game's gruesome factor.

  • Keep an eye out for zombies that aren't moving, but have their arms above their heads and are attempting to swat at something. These zombies are carrying Queens.

  • Kill the aforementioned zombies to get the Queen to appear. It will appear as a little red dot, and will flutter around for a few seconds before disappearing.

  • Press "B" when near the Queen to capture it in a jar.

  • Use the Queen by switching to it in your inventory, then pressing "X" to smash the bottle with the Queen. This will cause any nearby zombies' heads to explode and grubs to fall out of them.

  • Save your Queens for times when you are completely surrounded or must pass through a huge mob of zombies in order to get somewhere. The Maintenance Tunnels or Al Fresca Plaza are excellent places to let Queens loose.

  • Watch out! If you throw Queens at night, the grubs that pop out will be bright green and will throw themselves at you! They don't hurt much, but if there are lots of them and you're low on health, it can be dangerous!

Tips & Warnings

  • Queens in jars are a quick way to clear out the Warehouse elevator.
  • Queens do not appear on zombies with weapons like hunting knives, truncheons or handguns.

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