How to Tell What Time It Is in "Minecraft"


Exploring the game world after dark is a dangerous endeavor thanks to the roaming monsters in "Minecraft." The game has a day and night cycle with daytime lasting 10 minutes before it becomes dusk and eventually nighttime. To ensure that you get back to shelter before nighttime, craft a clock that has a display showing the time of day in the game world. The clock also enables you to know whether it's day or night when you're inside a cave and can't see the sky.

  • Launch "Minecraft" and start a new game or load a saved game.

  • Equip an iron or diamond pickax and mine four blocks of gold ore. This type of ore is randomly generated like all other resources in the game but is commonly found underground beside stone blocks.

  • Use the pickax to break a block of coal ore and collect the coal. Coal ore is one of the most abundant randomly generated resources and can be found wherever there's stone.

  • Mine one block of redstone ore, commonly found deep underground, and collect the redstone that drops when it's destroyed.

  • Go back above ground and locate or craft a furnace. Furnaces are required to smelt materials and can be found in the blacksmith workshops of villages. Alternatively, combine eight cobblestones at a crafting table to create your own furnace.

  • Access the furnace and place the gold ore above the flames. Place the coal below the flames and collect the four gold ingots that are created.

  • Access your crafting table and place the redstone in the middle block. Place the gold ingots directly above, below and to either side of the redstone to craft a clock.

  • Place the clock in your inventory and check the display to see if it's day or night. The clock dial rotates clockwise with the sun and moon icons indicating what time of day it is.

Tips & Warnings

  • There's no way to tell the time in the Nether or End as these dimensions don't have a day and night cycle. The dial on your clock just spins randomly when you explore these dimensions.

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