How to Paint Cherry Blossoms on the Wall


Cherry blossoms, the epitome of spring, make for a sweet and simple wall mural with just a few shades of pink paint. A stencil makes easy work of creating the base of each flower, and with a sponge or a few different brushes and a layered painting technique, you can create realistic, beautiful cherry blossoms even if “artistic” isn’t high on your list of personality traits.

Things You'll Need

  • Mild detergent
  • Clean rags
  • Drop cloth
  • Pencil
  • Branch stencil
  • Portable projector
  • Light brown paint
  • Dark brown paint
  • Paintbrushes, various sizes
  • Cherry blossom stencil
  • Dark pink paint
  • Stencil brush
  • Light pink paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Wipe down the wall with a mild detergent and clean water. Lay down a drop cloth. If the wall has not been painted recently, apply a fresh coat of the existing color and let this dry.

  • Draw an outline of the main branches and twigs with a pencil. Use a stencil or project an image of a branch onto the wall with a portable projector, tracing over the shadow, if you’re uncomfortable free-handing the design. The branch can come out at an angle across the wall, flare up from the ground or drape down from the uppermost corner.

  • Apply one coat of light brown paint, coloring in the outline of the branches and twigs. With a smaller brush, run a darker brown along the outer edges, creating an outline, and then dragging it in toward the center in a few places. This creates a softer effect than a solid shade of brown and adds dimension to the branch. Do this before the base color of light brown dries for easier blending.

  • Mark the wall with small hatch marks with a pencil, indicating the center point of each cherry blossom. Stand back often as you work, visualizing how the blossoms will look once painted. To get an idea as to the type of look and placement you want, view photos and paintings of cherry blossom trees online, printing off your favorites.

  • Hold a cherry blossom stencil on the uppermost mark and, with a stencil brush, apply your darkest pink color. Repeat this process with each additional mark. If you prefer to free-hand the design, create five distinct petals with a dense, small brush or the corner of a sponge, and then blend in toward the center to fill out the flower.

  • Dip a dry, small brush in a lighter pink color and remove the excess on a piece of cardboard. Paint around the edges of each flower and in toward the center, leaving the darker color peeking out. Keep the pressure light, and lift your hand up slightly as you move toward the center of the flower to fade the paint. Let this dry.

  • Paint small fronds coming from the center of the cherry blossom out a bit with a bright yellow paint and a thin detail brush. Paint leaves with a thin brush and green paint if desired, or use another stencil. During prime cherry blossom season, the leaves aren’t very prominent, so this is not necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • The most common cherry blossoms feature five petals; however, there are varieties with upwards of 20 petals. Maintain the same amount on each flower for a realistic look.
  • Vary the cherry blossom mural by painting in some buds with mostly the darker pink color, adding just a few strokes of the light pink for variation.
  • Standard interior latex paint is the most cost-effective method of creating a cherry blossom mural, although you can use all acrylic paints if you prefer.

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