How to Unlock Doors in "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind"


In “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind,” some of the best treasures in the game await you behind locked doors. Depending on your character's skills, you can either pick locks or use a magic spell to open them. For lock picking, you'll need a high Security skill, and the Open spell requires an adequate Alteration skill. Many doors are also trapped with spells that paralyze or damage you, but a probe enables you to negate these effects.


  • Purchase, find or steal a lockpick and a probe. Regular stores don't sell these items, but you can buy them from underground markets if you're a Thieves Guild member. Lockpick quality ranges from Apprentice to Grandmaster. Lower-quality picks and probes break more often.

  • Face a locked door to see the lock level. If the level is low, such as 10, an Apprentice pick will open it. High-level locks, such as 80 and above, need a Master or Grandmaster pick. When facing a door, a message will display if the door is trapped.

  • Equip a probe if the door is trapped. Press the “Attack” button to disarm the trap.

  • Equip a lockpick and press the “Attack” button to use it. If the picking works, the door opens. If you see the message “Lock too complex,” your Security level is too low or the pick's quality is too low for the lock's level.

Open Spell

  • Buy an Open spell from an Alteration magic trainer. The most basic spell is Ondusi's Open Door, which unlocks doors up to level 50. Trainers sell this spell in the Balmora, Vivec and Ald'ruhn Guild of Mages.

  • Equip the Open spell and stand in front of a locked door.

  • Press the “Attack” button to cast the spell and open the door. You might need to cast the spell several times to unlock the door.

Tips & Warnings

  • The Open spell doesn't disarm trapped doors. You still need to use a probe to disarm them.
  • Before trying to pick a lock, look around for its key. You might find keys in desk drawers, on tables or even in the pockets of other characters.
  • You can buy scrolls or items enchanted with the Open spell if you lack lockpicking or magic skills.
  • Pass the final mission of the Thieves Guild to get the Skeleton Key, an unbreakable lockpick that opens any door.
  • If you're playing on PC, press "~" to open the game's console. Click on a locked door and then type "unlock" (without quotes). Press "Enter" to unlock the door. This cheat works with any level door.
  • Picking locks with a spell or lockpick is considered a crime in Morrowind. If someone sees you, he'll report you to the guards.

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