How to Tie a Half Hitch or a Square Knot for a Coat Belt


Adding a stylish nautical theme to a pea coat, raincoat or any other jacket featuring a belt, the square knot is simple and quick to hitch up. Square knots -- also known as hitch or reef knots -- can be found in sea-themed bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry, but you can also bring this look into the rest of your wardrobe. Tying a coat's belt into a square knot requires little practice, is secure and adds visual interest to even the most basic of outerwear.

Things You'll Need

  • Mirror
  • Extend both ends of the belt across your waist, parallel with one another.

  • Cross the left and right ends upward, forming a "V" shape.

  • Fold the end in your left hand down. Flip it back up over the top of the section of belt in your right hand. Viewed in a mirror, the knot now resembles a "W."

  • Touch the tips of the belt together at the top, forming a circular shape when viewed in the mirror.

  • Slide the end in your left hand underneath the one in your right. Do the same for the other end.

  • Pull the ends tight, locking the two ends of the belt together.


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