Kenmore Washer HE3T 42926 Repair

If your Kenmore HE3T 42926 front-loading washing machine won't start or quits operating in mid-cycle, troubleshooting the problem will involve checking several possible causes. Often, problems operating the appliance are easily remedied. Resolving issues using your own tools and knowledge is a practical way of saving money if your appliance is out of warranty.


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      Check the controls. You might have forgotten to select a cycle. The door of the washing machine must be opened between cycles, or the machine won't start a new cycle. Confirm the door is tightly shut, then push the "Start" button firmly.

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      Move the washer away from the wall, and check that its power cord is properly connected to an outlet. Make sure the fuses or circuit breakers that protect the washer are active. If a breaker has tripped, the machine won't run until you reset it. Always use a grounded, three-prong outlet. Never use an extension cord.

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      Inspect the water supply and drainage hoses for kinks, twists or blockages if the machine is not filling or draining correctly. Confirm the water shut-off valves are both in the "Open" position. The drainage hose must not be more than 96 inches above the washing machine. Make sure there is a gap between the end of the drainage hose and the water in the standpipe.

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      Check the machine's display for error codes. "F02" indicates a problem with the drain pump. In that case, Kenmore recommends pressing the "Pause/Cancel" button twice to cancel the cycle, then trying again. If the problem persists, unplug the appliance and wait a few minutes.

      "SUDS" appears on the display when there are too many bubbles in the machine. Wait while the suds dissipate. The washer returns to normal operation when the bubbles have cleared.

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