How to Convert a Dual-Valve to a Single-Mixer Shower Fixture


Controlling the temperature of the water when you take a shower means making adjustments to a pair of valve handles, if you have a dual-valve showers. Instead of fiddling with two handles to find the perfect water temperature for the shower, replace the fixture with a single valve mixer. A single mixer shower valve has one handle that you adjust to combine the hot and cold water at once.

Things You'll Need

  • Hacksaw
  • Single-valve mixer kit
  • Torch
  • Lead-free solder
  • Screwdriver
  • Shut off the water to the shower or to the entire house if you do not have a shower cutoff valve.

  • Remove the faucet valves on the outside of the wall.

  • Take any wall covering off the wall to expose the pipes underneath.

  • Cut the hot and cold water pipes with a hacksaw below the dual valve faucet body.

  • Saw the pipe exiting the top of the faucet body going to the showerhead to separate the faucet body from the plumbing.

  • Solder the single valve mixer faucet body onto the hot and cold water pipes and the shower water pipe. Use lead-free solder and a torch for the soldering.

  • Replace the wall around the faucet body, leaving a hole large enough for the valve stem of the single handle to pass through into the middle of the faucet body.

  • Attach the escutcheon plate to the wall of the shower and screw it into place.

  • Insert the valve handle into the center of the faucet body.

  • Screw the handle into place with the screw in the middle of the valve handle, under the cover on the handle.

  • Replace the center cover on the handle and turn the water back on to the house.


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