How to Repair an LG Washer Sensor


The error code “LE” on your LG washer’s digital display appears when the washtub fails to rotate. This usually occurs when the wires connected to the sensor on the back of the LG washer have come loose or the sensor has failed. If you discover the wires are still connected to your sensor, replace the sensor to repair your LG washer. This is an inexpensive part that can quickly have your washer operating again in no time at all.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket or towel
  • Screwdriver
  • 17-millimeter socket
  • Socket wrench
  • Small flat-head screwdriver
  • Replacement LG sensor
  • Thread lock
  • Disconnect the LG washer’s power cord from the wall outlet. Turn off the washer’s water supply lines on the wall. Take the water supply hoses off the rear of the washer. Be prepared with a bucket or towel to catch any water left in the hoses.

  • Slide the washer far enough from the wall to stand behind it and gain access to the rear panel. Remove the screws from the LG’s rear panel to release it from the washer, exposing the rotor and the rear of the washtub.

  • Place a 17-millimeter socket on the bolt located in the center of the rotor. Turn the rotor clockwise with your hand, and as the rotor is moving, turn the socket counterclockwise with enough force to loosen it from the rear of the rotor. Continue to turn the bolt until you can remove it and the washer behind it.

  • Pull the rotor off the back of the washtub. Be prepared, as the rotor is heavy. This exposes the stator attached to the rear of the tub.

  • Locate the two brackets at the bottom left of the stator that hold the stator wires on the back of the tub. Remove the screws from the brackets to release the wires from the tub. Locate the green ground wire and remove the screw holding this wire to the rear of the tub.

  • Remove the six bolts from the stator using the 17-millimeter socket. Pull the stator off the rear of the washer. Squeeze the tabs on the sensor’s wire harness and pull the harness off the sensor.

  • Insert a small flat-head screwdriver beneath the tab holding the sensor to the stator. Pop the tab off the stator to release the sensor. Discard the old sensor.

  • Snap the replacement sensor onto the stator. Push the wire harness into the new sensor until it snaps into place.

  • Secure the stator to the rear of the washtub with the bolts you previously removed. Attach the grounding wire and secure the stator wires to the rear of the tub with the wire brackets.

  • Place the rotor over the stator. Thread the washer onto the bolt you previously removed from the center of the rotor, then cover the bolt threads with thread lock. Insert the bolt into the rotor.

  • Tighten the bolt by hand. Place the socket onto the bolt. Turn the rotor counterclockwise by hand. As the rotor turns, apply force to the rotor bolt, turning the bolt clockwise.

  • Replace the rear panel on the LG washer. Reconnect the hoses to the rear of the washer and plug it into the wall outlet.

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