How to Make a Monorail Out of Cardboard

A monorail train is a transportation system in which the train travels on a single rail acting as a support and guide way. To make this craft project educational, start by researching to learn about monorails. Printing pictures of monorails around the world -- such as the one in Walt Disney World -- can also help inspire your children. Create a basic monorail train from cardboard and simple craft supplies.

Things You'll Need

  • Painters tape
  • Large stiff cardboard or card stock
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls
  • Paint and brushes


    • 1

      Cut two large pieces of cardboard to act as a base for your display. Secure these two pieces together to create the base the monorail train will sit on.

    • 2

      Cut along the length of paper towel or toilet paper rolls you will be using as your support beams for your rails. Roll them tighter and tape them with painters tape; secure them to the base with the painter’s tape or hot glue.

    • 3

      Cut short strips out of card stock or cardboard for balancing your train on the monorail. Secure the strips to the tops of the rolls -- your support rails -- using painters tape or hot glue.

    • 4

      Cut old cardboard boxes or scrap card stock into rectangles and squares in the length, width and height of your train. Tape these pieces together to create a box with an angled nose at the front. Attach two strips of thick cardboard the length of your train and attach them to the bottom of the train, parallel to each other.

    • 5

      Spread hot glue along the bottom of the train and place the train on the rails quickly so the glue is hot enough to adhere. Hold the train while you add more glue to the bottom of the train and guide way to keep it secure.

    • 6

      Paint and decorate your train to look like a real monorail train system. Add surrounding greenery and buildings on the base cardboard, if desired.

Tips & Warnings

  • Searching through your local thrift shops can save a lot of money when purchasing craft supplies. Inexpensive little trees and model sets often come in large bags. Having all the craft materials and supplies on hand and in sight during the project can help inspire your children to come up with new creative ways of designing their monorail train. You can also use a paper mache mixture to create a more durable and textured train.
  • Make sure children do not use hot glue, super glue or other craft glue and materials without proper supervision. Cover table surfaces with protective newspaper and painters tape.
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