How to Fix a Squeaking Maytag Atlantis

The Maytag Atlantis washer features an agitator inside of its washing drum that rotates during the wash and spin cycle, and makes an audible squeaking noise if the load is unbalanced or the washer is improperly installed. The washer's legs require a hard surface to remain quiet during operation, and shakes or vibrates when the surface is unlevel or the washer is missing its rubber footing. A persistent squeal indicates problems with the washer's agitator and requires professional repair to remedy the problem.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 rubber feet
  • Wrench
  • Leveling tool
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      Push in the control dial on the front of the washer to pause the washer's current cycle.

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      Open the washer's top door and redistribute the clothing in the washer's drum. An unbalanced load causes the washer to squeal, as the load's weight must be even to effectively spin the clothes.

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      Lift the bottom of the washer and place one rubber foot underneath each of the washer's legs. The rubber foot cushions the surface between the floor and the washer, and eliminates noises that occur during the wash or spin cycle.

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      Unplug the washer and rotate the washer's leg clockwise or counterclockwise. Leg adjustments improve the level of the washer when your floor is uneven, and stops the persistent squeaking during the spin cycle. Measure the washer's balance with a leveling tool, which accurately displays the washer's balance with the use of an air bubble inside of the leveling tool. The air bubble glides back and forth in a tube, and stays in the tube's center when the washer is properly leveled.

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