How to Remove an Onan Emerald III Carburetor

How to Remove an Onan Emerald III Carburetor thumbnail
The Onan's carburetor nut must be unscrewed.

The Onan Emerald III is a generator manufactured by Cummins. This generator relies on a properly operating carburetor to function. Fortunately, carburetors on Cummins machines can be removed with relative ease regardless of your level of familiarity with generator troubleshooting and carburetor parts. You can detach the Onan Emerald III's carburetor without professional assistance or any special tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench
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      Turn off the Onan Emerald III generator and allow the engine several minutes to cool before operating on it.

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      Find the Onan Emerald III's carburetor along the left side of the engine. The carburetor is bowl-shaped and will be about halfway up the engine's side.

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      Place a dish under the carburetor. Loosen and remove the nut on the underside of the Onan carburetor using your socket wrench. Wait as fluid drains out into the dish.

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      Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the visible screws from the air filter located on the end of the carburetor. Pull off the filter.

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      Use your hands to twist off the now loose carburetor bowl and set it aside.

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