How to Build a Slideout Shelf for an Armoire

How to Build a Slideout Shelf for an Armoire thumbnail
Sliding shelves operate much the same way as drawers.

Shelves installed within an armoire in such a manner that the shelves slide out creates a convenient way to observe and choose from various items within the armoire. You can install numerous sliding shelves in an armoire in close proximity to each other, and merely slide out for careful perusal. This method works especially well for storing and organizing small, flat items such as ties, shoes, folded garments and socks. The shelving installation requires the same procedure as installing a drawer, yet the project is much more straightforward. It requires basic tools and only basic materials in addition to the drawer runners.

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Plywood board, 3/4-inch thick
  • Sandpaper, fine-grit
  • Drawer runners
  • Drill
  • Wood drill bits
  • Wood screws, 3/4-inch
  • Carpenter's level
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      Measure the dimensions of the area within the armoire where the shelf will go. Reduce the width measurement of the area by 1/2-inch and transfer the measurements to a 3/4-inch thick plywood board. Cut out the shelf board from the plywood. Sand the rough edges with fine-grit sandpaper.

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      Position one half of a drawer runner on one side edge of the shelf board. Mark the screw attachment holes against the board. Drill out each hole with a drill bit that has a diameter slightly smaller than the wood screws. Attach the drawer runner to the side of the shelf with 3/4-inch wood screws.

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      Set the shelf within the armoire. Place a carpenter's level on top of the shelf. Adjust the shelf until it is straight, and then position the other halves of the drawer runners against the side boards of the armoire. Mark the screw attachment holes of the drawer runners on the side boards. Remove the drawer runners and drill out each hole. Attach the drawer runners in place with 3/4-inch wood screws.

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      Slide the shelf's runner halves into the shelf runner halves that are attached to the side boards of the armoire.

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      Test the drawer runner operation of the shelf and make any adjustments necessary for smooth and strong operation and installation.

Tips & Warnings

  • Match the paint or stain of the shelf to the rest of the armoire, applying as many coats as necessary to match the armoire coloring.

  • Do not hang on the shelf or climb on it, as the installation is not designed to bear heavy loads.

  • Only store lightweight or medium-weight clothing on these shelves, and not heavy items.

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