How to Make Special Bows

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Bows are a beautiful way to decorate a gift.

Instead of purchasing a bag of bows at the store, consider making your own special bows. Creating them yourself allows you to choose the fabric and add personalized touches to a gift for a loved one. In addition, it may save you money. While making a bow may seem complicated, once you start practicing you will quickly learn how easy it is to make your own.


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      Assemble any necessary supplies and clear your workspace of any clutter or dirt. Working at a flat, kitchen table works best. Depending on the special bow, in addition to the ribbon you may need scissors, tape, wire and glue.

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      Overlap the ribbon onto itself to form a ribbon circle, to make a pom-pom bow. You should overlap the ribbon at least six times, but you can overlap up to 1 times to create a larger bow.

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      Snip the ends of the ribbon diagonally at each end's corner. Refold the ribbon and match the ends of the ribbon to one another. Flatten the ribbon and use a string to tie in the center of the ribbon.

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      Pull out the loops of the ribbon beginning on the left side of the bow. Next, pull out a loop on the right side. Continue alternating between left and right until you have a pom-pom bow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Purchase ribbon that you would like to use to make the bow. When choosing ribbon, consider the color of the wrapping paper or gift bag, and the ribbon’s texture. In addition, ribbon that contains wire may be difficult to use if you need to snip portions of the ribbon to make a bow. Instead, choose a ribbon with a texture similar to paper.

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