How to Repair an Electric Clutch


An electric clutch is located within a riding lawnmower. The clutch’s job is to enable the riding mower’s blades to engage. Although this form of clutch is built for wear and tear, sometimes it can be necessary to repair or replace the electric clutch, to continuously use your mower. Repairs typically consist of resetting the clutch. However, a failed clutch must be replaced completely.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Blow dryer (or compressed air)
  • Gloves
  • Wrench
  • Electric clutch replacement (optional)
  • Put on your safety gloves.

  • Observe the clutch to see if it needs to be replaced or if something is obstructing it from working properly. When using the clutch, listen for loud noises or observe whether the clutch slips. If either of these happen, you’ll need to replace your clutch completely.

  • Turn off your driving lawnmower and allow the engine to cool off before locating the electric clutch. Allow up to 2 hours for the lawnmower engine to cool fully to avoid serious injury.

  • Park the lawnmower on a flat surface, and remove the cover from the engine. Use a wrench to remove the negative cable from the lawnmower’s battery.

  • Place a jack under the lawnmower and use it to raise the mower. Position jack stands underneath the mower. Then lower the lawnmower down onto the jack stands.

  • Locate the wiring harness, and remove the connection from the clutch. Loosen the bolt from the belt tension, and disconnect the drive belt from the pulley.

  • Use compressed air or a blow dryer, aimed at the area where the clutch goes, to ensure that it is clear of debris.

  • Put the new clutch in the old clutch’s place, and tighten the bolt to secure it to the crankshaft. Replace the wiring harness, then raise the lawnmower up and remove the jack stands.

  • Lower the lawnmower, and replace the battery cable and cover.

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