How to Attach a Towel Rack to Recessed Drywall

A towel bar or rack is best installed into the wall studs next to your shower or at the end of your bathtub. This ensures the towel bar can hold those heavy, wet towels after a shower. When you need to install a towel rack or bar into recessed drywall, this is not possible, as most recesses are created between one or more wall studs. Toggle anchors are the answer for DIYers who don't want to change their design plan. The anchors can withstand up to 40 pounds of pull when properly installed.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal toggle anchors
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Level


    • 1

      Mark the position on the drywall where you wish to install the towel bar with a vertical mark for each bar mount.

    • 2

      Screw one metal toggle anchor into the drywall at the first wall mark until the head with flush with the wall.

    • 3

      Attach the bar mount by screwing it into the toggle anchor. As you screw, the toggle anchor will secure itself in place. Continue until the anchor is snug.

    • 4

      Hold the bar in place, level it out and place a horizontal mark (creating a cross hair) where the remaining toggle anchor will be placed. Screw the second toggle anchor into the drywall.

    • 5

      Screw the remaining mounting plate into the toggle anchor. If additional screws are needed to hold the mounting plates in place, screw them in with toggle anchors. Tighten all screws.

    • 6

      Slide the towel rod or rack into place on the mounting plates.

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