How to Install Bellastone Siding


BellaStone siding is a faux stone product that installs in much the same way you install vinyl siding. You must have a flat, solid wall, such as wood sheathing, for the installation. It can be installed over masonry as long as the surface is level. BellaStone is a cladding material and it is not water-tight. Before installing the product, the manufacturer recommends you use a house wrap to seal out water. Check with your local building codes administrator before installing any wall cladding to your home in case you need to obtain building permits.

Things You'll Need

  • Metal flashing
  • Roofing nails
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk line
  • Carpenter’s level or plumb bob
  • Starter strip
  • Galvanized 1 5/8-inch No. 8 screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Circular saw with a carbide tip blade
  • Fastener clips
  • Mortar sealant
  • Caulk gun
  • Rags
  • Short screws
  • Trim
  • Mortar aggregate
  • Paintbrush
  • Attach metal flashing to the inside and outside corners of the house’s exterior using roofing nails. Extend the flashing 10 inches on either side of the corner.

  • Snap a chalk line 7 1/4-inches from each corner on top of the flashing. Use a plumb bob or carpenter’s level to ensure the line is straight up and down, or plumb.

  • Mark a horizontal line chalk line that is 2 1/8-inches above the bottom edge of the sheathing. Attach the top edge of starter strip pieces to the chalk line. Use galvanized 1 5/8-inch #8 screws set 8 to 10 inches apart to secure the strip. Do not over tighten the screws.

  • Trim off the upper left side of a BellaStone Z-shaped panel so the left edge is straight. Cut the BellaStone with a circular saw with a carbide tip blade.

  • Slide the bottom of the Z panel onto the starter strip. Align the left side of the Z panel with the chalk line you snapped in Step 2. Slip fastener clips over the pre-drilled holes in the top of the Z panel. Secure the fastener clips and panel to the sheathing with galvanized 1 5/8-inch No. 8 screws. The clips attach the panel to the house, and serve as support strips for the row above them.

  • Apply a bead of mortar sealant to the top and right side mortar joints of the Z panel with a caulk gun. Place a rectangular filler panel within 1/8 inch of the first Z panel. Wipe off any sealant that oozes onto the front of the panel. Connect the bottom of the panel to the starter strip. Fasten the top of the panel to the sheathing with fastener clips and screws.

  • Start the left end of the next row, or course. Make a vertical mark at 6 1/4 inches to the left of the upper right corner of the first panel you set. Measure from that mark back to the vertical chalk line. Cut a Z panel to that width. Cut off the left side of the panel to create a straight edge. As you continue this process with successive courses, you create a stair step pattern.

  • Continue setting the panels in place for the first row of BellaStone panels. Trim the right outside edge of the last panel to align with the chalk line from Step 2. Set the remaining panels in place for the rest of the wall.

  • Place screws in each vertical seam in the mortar joint area and the center of each horizontal mortar joint. Use short screws that penetrate the panels, but not the sheathing. You will cover the screw head in a later step.

  • Add trim around windows and doors as you go. Slide cut edges of BellaStone into the receiver ends of the trim and secure it with screws. Slide the top edges into edge or transition trim to finish the top edge of the project.

  • Run a bead of mortar sealant along all seams to cover screw heads and to further seal the joints. Use a plastic drinking straw to smooth the sealant into place. Dip a 2-inch paintbrush into BellaStone aggregate. Press the bristles into the still damp sealant to give the sealant the look of mortar.

  • Complete all of the walls in a similar manner.

  • Set a corner panel in place over the exposed flashing. The edges of the corner panel should overlap the Z panel edges. Place a mounting clip on top of either side of the corner piece. Secure the mounting clip and corner to the sheathing with galvanized 1 5/8-inch screws.

  • Run a bead of mortar sealant along the top of the corner. Set the next corner piece on top of the first one. Set the corner pieces in this manner for all corners. Fill seams with mortar sealant and aggregate as you did in Step 11.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a mortar bit to drill holes for the screws if you install BellaStone over mortar.

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