Repairing a Power Nozzle Elbow on an Electrolux El7020 Vacuum


The Electrolux EI7020 vacuum has an unusual feature: its power nozzle. Unlike other vacuum cleaners, EI7020 users can switch off, adjust the power and control the brushroll from the handle of the appliance. Fixing the nozzle when trouble arises involves inspecting the part for commonly reported problems. In some cases, there is a simple solution to the problem that won't require the attention of a technician.

Things You'll Need

  • Long, blunt object
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement belt
  • Switch off the vacuum cleaner, remove the foot and break the power nozzle down into sections using the release buttons. Probe inside the power elbow with a long, blunt object such as a length of tubing or a pool cue to clear out any obstructions. Tap the elbow of the vacuum cleaner over a garbage bin so any dislodged dust, hair or dirt doesn't drop back to the carpet. Reassemble the vacuum and switch on the power; a blockage in the pipe is one of the most common causes of suction loss. In some cases it's possible to free the obstruction by massaging the plastic section of the pipe. Don't do this if you suspect the blockage contains glass or other sharp objects.

  • Confirm the power nozzle elbow is correctly attached to the main body of the vacuum cleaner. The flexible pipe snaps when it is correctly inserted into the intake socket on the front of the vacuum. A loose connection might be cutting off the power to the power nozzle. The El7020 does not start unless the elbow is connected.

  • Look for a the button on the back of the foot, the part of the vacuum that moves across the floor, once you have cleared the obstruction and checked the connection. Press the button to reset the internal circuit breaker that protects the brush motor and other electronics; the brushroll begins to spin immediately. Once reset, the foot of the vacuum cleaner is ready for use. The foot motor controls on the power elbow stop working if the circuit breaker has been tripped.

Foot Troubleshooting

  • Make sure the foot and the sections of rigid piping are properly assembled. A loose connection breaks the connection between the main part of the vacuum, the power elbow and the foot, causing parts to become unresponsive. Each section should make a snap sound when it is fitted together. The sections of pipe are separated by pressing down the button on top of the pipe and pulling.

  • Unplug the vacuum and flip the foot of the nozzle – the part that goes on the floor – upside down. Push the outer cover protecting the brush roll outward and the middle cover to the right the and lift the brushroll up in the vacuum cleaner. Cut away any hair, string or thread wound tightly around the brushroll and wash and push it back in to place. Allow to dry before putting it back into the vacuum. The brushroll helps remove dirt from carpet by ruffling the threads. Poor cleaning results can sometimes be attributed to a jammed brushroll.

  • Let the appliance cool down for roughly 30 minutes and flip the foot of the nozzle over. The belt driving the brushroll could have snapped, causing the vacuum to struggle. The belt pulleys get extremely hot through friction if the belt has snapped. Be sure the unit is completely cool before beginning. Remove the bolts numbered "1" to "4" and lift off the base plate to find the end of the brushroll and the drive belt. Pull what remains of the old belt out of the foot and snap a new belt around the brushroll and the pulleys and replace the base plate.

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