How to Map a Drive With BartPE

Bart's Preinstalled Environment, or BartPE, is a freeware version of the Windows Preinstalled Environment, or WindowsPE. The preinstalled environment is a lightweight version of the Windows XP, Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. BartPE optimizes these operating systems for use on general workstations and servers. BartPE serves many versatile functions, but one of its most powerful and common functions is drive mapping. You can map your network drive with little previous network server experience.

Things You'll Need

  • BartPE installation disc
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      Turn on your computer and insert the BartPE disc into your computer or workstation's optical drive. You will be prompted with a message stating, "Press any key to continue." Press any key to begin the boot up process. Your computer will boot to a Command Prompt.

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      Type "net use * \network_host\share" at the Command Prompt and press "Enter." Type in the actual name of your network drive in place of "network_host" and the share name in place of "share."

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      Enter the username and password associated with the network drive when prompted by BartPE and press "Enter." BartPE will automatically begin to map your network drive.

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