How to Fix Chrome With a First Coating

Objects made of chrome are not pure chromium. The object actually is constructed of steel, brass, aluminum or some other substance that has a thin coat of chromium placed over it. Chrome-plated objects with a single coating rust if they are not properly maintained. If the chrome on your bike, motorcycle or car is showing damage or rust, you can repair some of the damage without negatively affecting the first coating of chromium.

Things You'll Need

  • Mild detergent or dish soap
  • Clean cloth
  • Chrome polish
  • Soft rags
  • Aluminum foil
  • Mineral oil
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      Clean the chrome off with water and a mild detergent to remove any dust or dirt. The cleaner the chrome, the better the restoration works. Several drops of dish soap often is useful in this type of cleaning. Rinse and dry the chrome when finished.

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      Rub a chrome polish over the piece with a rag. Cover the entire rusted or corroded area with the polish.

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      Scrub at the damaged areas with a folded piece of aluminum foil. This helps remove rust and damage without wrecking the first coat of chrome. Mineral oil sometimes helps in this endeavor as well. Continue scrubbing until much of the damage is removed.

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      Apply more polish, then buff the piece with a soft rag until the coating has regained its shine.

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