How to Make a Braided Tube Wreath From a Calico Fabric Bow

A wreath adds seasonal and welcoming flair to your home right at the front door. Making a braided tube wreath adds an interesting twist to a traditional door decoration, and allows you to choose fabrics that complement your home decor or seasonal decorations. You can use a calico fabric bow as a starting fabric for your homemade braided tube wreath.

Things You'll Need

  • Calico fabric bow, large
  • Steaming iron
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 3 coordinating fabrics
  • Straight pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Cotton batting
  • Small dowel
  • Fabric bow
  • Fabric glue


    • 1

      Untie the calico bow. Smooth it out and iron it so you have a strip of fabric. If the ends of the fabric are angled, cut them straight across to create a rectangle of fabric. Use a coordinating fabric to add to the bow fabric. Sew the additional fabric to the bow fabric to create a large strip of wreath fabric that measures 7 inches wide and at least 90 inches long. If you have enough calico bows, sew them together to create the large strip. Use this as a pattern for your other two fabrics.

    • 2

      Lay one of your three strips of fabric on your work surface with the right side up. Fold it in half along its length, with the right side of the fabric inside. Pin the long edges together. Sew along the long edges to form a tube of fabric, removing the pins as you go. Sew one end of the tube shut, and turn the tube right side out. Repeat this with the other two strips of fabric.

    • 3

      Stuff cotton batting into the three tubes of fabric. If needed, use a small dowel to help push the batting into the tube. Pin the open ends of the tubes shut, then sew them to seal the tubes. This will keep the batting inside the tubes.

    • 4

      Stack the three tubes. Sew across one end of the three tubes to join them together. Turn the stacked tubes so they are side-by-side in order to braid them.

    • 5

      Fold the left tube over the middle. Fold the right tube over the new middle. Pull the outer two tubes outward slightly to tighten the braid. Repeat this until the tubes are completely braided. Pin the ends together and sew them to join the the tubes. This will keep the braid in place.

    • 6

      Loop the braid into a circle. Sew the two ends together to complete the wreath shape. Turn the wreath so the sewn side is at the bottom. Apply fabric glue to the seam and press the fabric bow against it. This will hide the seam. Allow the glue to dry completely to complete your wreath.

Tips & Warnings

  • Glue your wreath to a narrow wooden craft hoop to help it retain its shape.
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