How to Make Orchid Bouquets & Arrangements

Orchids are highly coveted ornamental flowers, and their prominence in weddings stems from their delicate shape and versatile appearance. In the language of flowers, orchids represent strength, love, beauty and luxury. Whatever your reason for wanting to use orchids in your special day, there are plenty of ways to style and arrange them. Though long-stem orchids can be hand-tied into posy bouquets, short-stemmed flowers can also be wired into bouquets and arrangements for a full effect.

Things You'll Need

  • Orchid blooms
  • Floral shears
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral tape
  • Foam bouquet holder or arrangement frame
  • Greenery


    • 1

      Cut your orchids' stems to 1/2 an inch. Cut your floral wire into two lengths for each bloom; the cut wires should measure 2 inches and 4 inches. If you are creating a bouquet, set aside eight to 12 blooms and prepare the rest for Step 2.

    • 2

      Push the 2-inch wire up through the middle of the orchid's stem until it meets the base of the flower. Push the 4-inch wire perpendicularly through the base of the orchid and fold the two sides down to run parallel to the first wire. Twist all three wires together.

    • 3

      Wrap the wires in floral tape to give the stems a smooth finish. When wrapping the tape around the stems, make sure that you stretch it slightly to allow it to stick to itself.

    • 4

      Cover the arrangement frame with greenery, securing it in place with floral wire. For this, you may use vines or leaves such as rose or lemon leaves. The frames are generally used for altarpieces, table centerpieces and wedding arches. Pick the frame most appropriate to your needs. Wire the orchids onto the frame, dispersing them evenly over the surface. After the flowers are secured to the frame, adjust their heads so that they all face out, as this makes the arrangement look fuller.

    • 5

      Push the eight to 12 blooms that you set aside into the floral foam bouquet holder. Ensure that all the flowers' heads face out. Line up your wired orchids in three columns with the outer two columns containing six flowers each and the middle containing 10. Beginning at the bottom of each column, wire the lower flower to the flower above it, doing so by pushing the lower flower's wire through the loop created by the upper flower's perpendicular wire. Pinch the wire in place to secure it. Continue until the columns are completely wired together, then wire the top flowers to the plastic cage on the foam bouquet holder.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are using natural flowers, create your arrangements no sooner than the day before the wedding, as the orchids may begin to wilt. After that, store them in a refrigerator. If you are using artificial flowers, however, create the arrangements at any time.
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