How to Hang Drop Socket Paper Lanterns

If you have a set of paper lanterns that are made for bulbs, then you will need to purchase light drop cords made to work with the lanterns. This is a fairly easy way to add color and charm to an outdoor party. Make sure that you have two sturdy posts of some kind -- such as trees -- on which to anchor your light drop cords.

Things You'll Need

  • Staple gun
  • Staples


    • 1

      Staple one end of the drop light cord on a tree or post, making sure not to place the staple through the wires.

    • 2

      Attach all of the paper lanterns around the bulbs on the drop light cord.

    • 3

      Pull the light cord with the lanterns across a high space toward the second post or tree.

    • 4

      Staple the end of the light drop cord against the second tree.

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