How to Make Pouring Water in Photoshop


Using Adobe Photoshop, you can make water appear to be pouring from a faucet, pitcher, or other object. Creating the pouring water requires several filters applied to a base layer of black and white clouds. Once the cloud layer looks waterlike, you can then shape the edges of the water into curves using the Liquify Filter. Copy the pouring water into your photograph and reduce its opacity so it takes on the colors in the background.

  • Open Photoshop and press “Ctrl-N” to open a new document. Type “500” in both the Width and Height fields. Set the measurement units as “Pixels.” Select “Grayscale” in the Color Mode menu. Click “OK.”

  • Click the “New Layer” button at the bottom of the Layers Panel.

  • Click the “Filter” menu, select “Render” and then click “Clouds.” Black and white clouds appear. Click the “Edit” menu. and then “Brightness/Contrast.” Type “70” in the Brightness field to make the clouds whiter.

  • Click the “Filter” menu, select “Blur” and click “Gaussian Blur.” Type “7” in the Radius field and click “OK.”

  • Click the “Filter” menu again. Select “Motion Blur” from the Blur options. Type “90” in both the Angle and Distance fields. Click “OK.”

  • Click the “Filter” menu, select “Artistic” and then click “Plastic Wrap.” Type “15” in the Highlight Strength field. Type “10” in both the Detail and Smoothness fields. Click “OK.”

  • Select “Image Size” from the Image menu. Deselect the “Constrain Proportions” option. Type “300” in the Width field. Leave the Height field at 500 pixels. Click “OK.”

  • Click the “Filter” menu, select “Sketch” and then click “Chrome.” Type “7” in both the Detail and Smoothness fields. Click “OK.”

  • Click the “Image” menu and select “Image Size.” Type “800” in the Height field, while leaving the Width field at 300 pixels.

  • Click the “Filter” menu and select “Liquify.” Set the Brush Size at “330” and Brush Density at “50.” Leave the other values at their default settings. Drag the Liquify Brush inward from the left and right edges, creating a flowing water effect. Click “OK.”

  • Drag the “Lasso Tool” around the flowing water, then press "Ctrl C" to copy it. Place the water in any other image in Photoshop by pressing “Ctrl V” to paste it. Change its opacity by clicking the "Opacity" menu in the Layers Panel. An opacity around 30 percent works well in most images.

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