How to Make Your Table Tennis Racket Tackier

Professional table tennis players look for high-quality rubber when creating the perfect racket. Some players prefer an anti-spin rubber for defensive play on one side, and a tackier, high-spin rubber on the other side. If you want to add a tackier rubber to the blade of your paddle, many sporting goods stores sell specific rubbers. Changing your rubber to a tackier feel creates a faster spin, which can help you hone your offensive skills.

Things You'll Need

  • High-spin rubber sheets
  • Table tennis glue
  • Cotton swab
  • Acetone
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors or sharp knife


    • 1

      Remove the old rubber from your paddle by prying up one edge and peeling away. Dab a cotton swab with acetone and rub against the blade to dissolve any leftover glue. Use sandpaper to scrub off any rough patches.

    • 2

      Open a new packet of high-spin or tacky rubber table tennis sheets.

    • 3

      Squeeze a small amount of special table tennis glue, such as Donic Easy Fix Glue or Joola Lex Glue, onto the racket blade. Spread the glue in a thin layer over the surface with a frozen-treat stick and wait until it dries to a slightly tacky feel.

    • 4

      Spread the same amount of glue to the spongy side of the rubber sheet. Allow for the glue to dry to a tacky feel.

    • 5

      Place the rubber sheet over the blade and press the two glued sides together. Firmly roll a glass bottle or rolling pin over the rubber sheet to make it stick to the blade.

    • 6

      Cut around the blade to remove the excess rubber and repeat for the other side.

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