How to Glue Light Paper in Mixed Media

Mixed media means combining several different types of creative processes such as painting with chalks, inks, stamping and papers, to design a unique and artistic project. This art medium exposes children and adults alike to different creative methods in a non-threatening and fun environment. Artists often favor lightweight papers, such as vellum, tissue or mulberry papers, for mixed media projects because of their transparency. Even professionals sometimes find it challenging to determine what adhesive to use to glue these light papers in mixed media.

Things You'll Need

  • Adhesive, such as decoupage medium, glue stick, glue dots, photo tabs or hot glue gun with glue sticks


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      Put lightweight paper onto the area of your mixed media project where you would like it. You do not need to use an entire sheet but can tear, rip, wet, shred, crumple or otherwise manipulate the paper as desired.

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      Apply the adhesive substance of choice to the back of the paper and stick it to the spot you've chosen.

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      Use plenty of adhesive to ensure the paper will hold, especially if the mixed media project will be displayed upright, as opposed to flat.

Tips & Warnings

  • Allow paint or other wet areas of the mixed media project to dry completely before adhering the paper.
  • A decoupage medium will soak the light paper, resulting in a translucent quality that allows the bottom layer to show through. Decoupage also provides the strongest adhesive option. A hot glue gun allows you to adhere the paper to the mixed media. You can also use glue dots, small sticky dots which are basically a cool version of a hot glue gun. Glue sticks offer an inexpensive option but may not provide strong adhesion. Photo tabs will work only if the mixed media project will lie flat.
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