How to Laminate & Frame a Jigsaw Puzzle

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Lamination will protect and preserve a jigsaw puzzle, and a frame will give you the ability to hang it. But before the puzzle can be laminated and framed, it must be glued together so it doesn't fall to pieces during the lamination process. The vacuum power and material needed to laminate requires specific machinery, so it is more economical to take your glued puzzle to your local office supply store to be laminated.

Things You'll Need

  • Puzzle glue
  • Frame


  1. Construct the puzzle without glue between the pieces. This will give you a view of the puzzle and allow you to enjoy your work before you preserve it.

  2. Remove one of the corner pieces and line the edges of the piece with glue. Attach the pieces carefully. Press the pieces together, so they are completely flush.

  3. Continue gluing the pieces together by moving in from the corner where you began. Move slowly and let each section of three or four pieces dry before moving on.

  4. Cut a cardboard box apart so the cardboard is flat. Size the cardboard to your puzzle and cut a piece of cardboard that will fit underneath the puzzle, with about 2 inches of extra cardboard around the edges.

  5. Slide the puzzle onto the cardboard. This will keep the pieces in place while you transport it to an office supply store for lamination.

  6. Trim the rough, laminated edges of the puzzle with scissors.

  7. Remove the back of a frame and take out the glass.

  8. Place the puzzle inside the frame and replace its back. Secure the back of the frame.

  9. Hang your puzzle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some manufacturers make products that allow you to preserve a puzzle without professional lamination, such as a sticky paper that is laid over the puzzle on both sides to preserve it. These products are available online or at stores specializing in hobby supplies.
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