How to Replace a GE Glass Ceramic Cooktop


If the glass ceramic cooktop on your GE stove has broken, it may seem like you need a whole new stove. However, instead of buying a new appliance, you can save hundreds of dollars by simply replacing the cooktop. Though the job may seem a bit intimidating, removing and replacing the cooktop is less complicated than replacing a light switch or an electrical outlet. Set aside the better part of an afternoon for this project. You may be able to finish sooner, but this isn't something you want to do in a hurry.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement cooktop
  • Screwdriver
  • Work gloves
  • Helper (optional)
  • Turn off the power to your GE stove.

  • Find the screws at the corners of the broken cooktop. Unscrew them and discard. The replacement top will include new screws.

  • Put on work gloves for protection while handling the broken glass ceramic cooktop.

  • Lift the front of the cooktop and look to see if any sections have broken off that are not attached to the wiring for the stove. Remove those pieces and discard.

  • Tilt the remaining pieces of the cooktop up and back, like opening the top of a washing machine.

  • Locate the wiring bundle where the cooktop connects to the main body of the GE stove. The exact location will vary from model to model, but it should be fairly obvious. Unplug the bundle.You may want to have a helper hold the cooktop up so you can do this with both hands. The wiring bundle may be connected to a ground wire; if it is, disconnect it.

  • Lift the broken cooktop up and off the stove. Safely dispose of the broken glass.

  • Set the new cooktop in position, leaning it along the back edge of the stove. Connect the wiring bundle.

  • Lay the new cooktop carefully into a horizontal position. Screw it into place with the screws that came with the cooktop.

  • Restore power to the stove. Test each burner to confirm that the cooktop works.

Tips & Warnings

  • GE glass ceramic cooktops are available at local appliance stores or by contacting GE customer service.

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