How to Display Cosmetics for a Party

A party is an efficient and enjoyable way to put cosmetics on display for friends, co-workers or neighbors. Select a theme for your cosmetics party based on the interests of your guests or based on the season during which you are holding the party. Think of themes like a wine and cheese party, fashion show, garden party or a Christmas in July party. Put your cosmetic products on display within the theme of the party to move the product out of your hands and into the homes of your guests.

Things You'll Need

  • Table
  • 2 black tablecloths
  • Acrylic boxes or risers
  • Lighted mirrors
  • Price sheets and acrylic paper stands
  • New cosmetic product


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      Recruit a host for your cosmetics party or host the party in your home. Select your theme and purchase the props, food and drinks needed to bring it together. Consider planning a party for women only, having them make wish lists of the cosmetics they want. Follow it up a week or two later with a men’s night out in which the husbands, boyfriends and brothers of the women can purchase items from the wish lists.

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      Order enough new product to put on display so that the cosmetics look new and attractive to guests. Set up a large table draped in a black cloth that reaches to the floor. Place the table in a well-lit area, beneath bright spotlights if possible.

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      Arrange your cosmetic products on the table by type. For example, place eyeshadows and eyeliners in the top left corner of the table and lipsticks on the top center of the table. Set foundations, blushes and powders in another section. Place toners and skin creams in the bottom right. Fan out brushes, pads and other accessories in the center of the table.

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      Use clear acrylic boxes or risers covered in black cloth to create a tiered effect for your table. Highlight the product you most want to sell by putting it on the risers and platforms. Place lighted mirrors on the table and risers so guests can open and test some of the products.

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      Place flowers, drinks, leis or other small, tactful decorations on the table to incorporate it into the theme you’ve chosen for the party. String indoor twinkling lights across the front of the table to make it attractive and to draw guests’ attention toward the table.

    • 6

      Clearly mark prices on the items. Or, create a price sheet and place copies of it within acrylic paper stands so guests can easily tell what items cost. Have a “specials” table with merchandise that is marked down, on sale or cheaper when bought in bundled packages.

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