How to Make Barefoot Wedding Sandals

Barefoot wedding sandals are decorative jewelry pieces that you wear on your feet and second toe in place of shoes such as heels or sandals. Numerous companies sell signature and custom designed wedding sandals to wear during the spring, summer and early fall months. You can also make your own barefoot wedding sandals with bead cord and crystals or beads that match your wedding dress or decor. These visually stunning foot adornments are easy to make. However, barefoot wedding sandals can also break easily if not securely knotted or clasped. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear the sandals a few times before your wedding to ensure that the clasps and knots are secure enough for your big day.

Things You'll Need

  • Bead cord
  • 150 to 250 small jewelry beads or crystals
  • 1 or more large jewelry beads or crystals
  • Crimp bead
  • Jewelry clasp


    • 1

      Cut a large piece of the bead cord -- enough to wrap around your second toe and your ankle -- to determine the correct length of the finished barefoot wedding sandal.

    • 2

      Wrap the end of the cord around your second toe. Pull the cord up to your ankle and wrap it around once if you only want the cord to go around your ankle one time. Wrap the cord around your ankle twice if you want to create a second layer of beads around your ankle.

    • 3

      Add an additional three to five inches to the determined bead cord length to allow for minor measurement discrepancies and to ensure that you have enough cord at both ends to secure to the crimp bead and the jewelry clasp.

    • 4

      Make a double-knotted loop around your second toe. The loop should be tight but not tight enough to cut off the circulation to your toe while you walk. When knotted correctly, the loop should have the bead cord coming out of its left and right sides.

    • 5

      If you want to make a double-beaded pattern, alternate stringing the crystals or beads onto the right and left sides of the loop. If you want to make a single-beaded pattern, string the beads or crystals over both sides of the loop.

    • 6

      Secure the end of the barefoot wedding sandal by stringing a large, decorative bead that matches your wedding color palette and tying a secure knot behind the decorative bead. Alternately, secure the end of the sandal by stringing a crimp bead to the end of the sandal. String a lightweight jewelry clasp through the crimp bead and the last decorative bead on the sandal, then back to the end of the sandal. Create a secure knot at the end of the clasp. Cut off any remaining bead cord.

Tips & Warnings

  • Bring a worn-in pair of shoes to change into if your barefoot wedding sandals hurt your feet after a few hours of wearing them.
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