How to Make a Braided Bracelet With Two Strands


Friendship bracelets are a well-loved symbol of camaraderie, not only because they display the affection of the giver for the recipient, but also because they can be constructed creatively and inexpensively. While a simple, three-strand braided bracelet is perhaps the easiest design to execute, there are other patterns with a bit more flair. A stylized arrangement of knots can create the look of a braid, but is more dynamic due to the movement of the colors. Because it can be completed with only two pieces of embroidery floss, it is also a perfect project for beginners.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss, two colors, 1 yard each
  • Two-part bracelet clasp, such as a lobster claw clasp
  • Cut two 1-yard strands of embroidery floss, one of each color. Align the pieces and slide a clasp onto both strands evenly. Pick up the ends of the floss so that the clasp drops to the center and tie a knot to keep it there.

  • Look at your embroidery floss strands. Though you started with two, the addition of the clasp is now separating each one into two halves, for a total of four strands. Spread the four strands out so they alternate: color 1, color 2, color 1 and color 2.

  • Pick up the strand all the way to the left, this will be called strand 1A. Cross it over the strand to its right, which is strand 2A, and pull it back toward the left from behind. Strand 1A is now wrapped around strand 2A once.

  • Repeat the previous step and pull firmly on the ends of strand 1A and strand 2A to tighten the knot you have created. Perform this double-knot process using strand 1A and strand 1B (the third from the left) as well as strand 1A and 2B (the last strand). Strand 1A will now be all the way to the right.

  • Repeat Steps 3 and 4. This time, begin with strand 2A, which is now all the way to the left. Follow the same process with strand 1B and strand 2B as they become the leftmost strands. Continue creating knotted stitches until the bracelet is as long as you like.

  • Divide the four loose ends of the strands into two groups: 1A and 2A and 1B and 2B. Slide the second half of the bracelet clasp onto one set of strands and tie the two sets of strands together in a double knot to secure the clasp. Trim off the extra embroidery floss with sharp scissors and put on your bracelet.

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