How to Make Curved Arrows in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has many different automatic shape creators as well as a full suite of shape-editing tools. You can draw an arrow and then edit it later to make it curved, or you can start with a curved arrow shape and just let PowerPoint do the work for you. When you draw a shape -- or add any object -- PowerPoint opens a new tab on the Office ribbon with tools just for working with that object. The shape-editing tab is called Drawing Tools.


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      Open the PowerPoint presentation where you want to draw the curved arrow. Click to select the slide where you want the arrow and then click on the "Insert" tab from the ribbon.

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      Click "Shapes." Under the "Block Arrows" section you can select several curved arrow options. Click the one you want and then click and drag on the slide to draw it. Note that when you start drawing, the arrow shape will always start with the orientation you see in the Shapes menu. You can rotate and adjust it later if you want.

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      Make an exiting arrow curved by editing the points on it. Click on the arrow and then click on the "Drawing Tools: Format" tab. Click the "Edit Shape" button on the left side of the ribbon and then select "Edit Points." The arrow will now have several black squares on it.

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      Click on any of the black squares and you'll see a line connected to that black square with a white square on the other end. Click and drag the white square. The dotted line shows you the effect that it will have on the outline of the arrow. Release the white square when you see the curve you want. Repeat this process on both sides of the arrow for an evenly curved arrow shape.

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