How to Make a Tutu Using a Crochet Headband


Tutus are as delightful to look at it as they are to wear. By using a crochet headband as the waistband, you can make a tutu without thread, a needle or any sewing skills. When you realize how easy it is to make a tutu, you will wonder why you ever considered buying an expensive one from a boutique.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Two 25-yard rolls of 6-inch wide tulle
  • Scissors
  • Crochet headband
  • Hardcover book, at least 10-inches long
  • Place the end of the measuring tape at the hipbone of the girl who will be wearing the tutu. Measure from the hipbone to the top of the knee to create a knee-length tutu.

  • Unroll the tulle from one of the rolls, and cut a strip of tulle that is twice as long as the hipbone to knee measurement. Continue unrolling and cutting the tulle in strips of this length until there is no more tulle on the roll. Repeat for the second roll of tulle.

  • Stretch the crochet headband around the short sides of the hardcover book. Be sure the headband is laying flat on both sides of the book and is not twisted.

  • Pick up one of the strips of tulle. Bring the two short ends of the strip of tulle together to fold it in half.

  • Insert the folded end of the tulle strip between the crochet headband and the hardcover book. Pull the folded end of the tulle up through one of the holes in the bottom row of the crochet headband so that a 1-inch loop of tulle is protruding through the headband.

  • Pull the two loose ends of the tulle strip through the 1-inch tulle loop and pull the loose ends tightly until the 1-inch loop of tulle pulls tightly against the headband. This knots the tulle strip in place.

  • Pick up another strip of tulle and fold it in half. Insert the folded end of the tulle through the hole in the crochet headband that is to the right of the previously placed tulle strip. Attach the tulle strip to the headband in the same way as the previous strip.

  • Place the remaining strips of tulle in the headband, working from left to right until each hole in the bottom row of the headband has a strip of tulle knotted to it.

  • Remove the headband from the hardcover book.

  • Lay the tutu flat, and trim any straggling pieces of tulle.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can find crochet headbands in craft stores.
  • To create a fuller tutu, knot a strip of tulle in each of the bottom holes of the headband and in each of the holes directly above the bottom row.
  • Create a shorter tutu by measuring from the hipbone to mid-thigh. Cut strips of tulle that are twice as long as the measurement.

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