How to Adjust the Legs on a Kenmore Dryer

How to Adjust the Legs on a Kenmore Dryer thumbnail
Dryers must be balanced to prevent unnecessary wear.

Kenmore dryers have a set of legs at the bottom of the unit that allows you to adjust the height of the dryer. Kenmore dryers work best when balanced properly during installation. If one leg is shorter than another at the front the unit may tilt to one side. This can cause unnecessary wear to the dryer drum as well as the belts. Leveling the dryer properly also reduces the amount of noise the dryer makes during the drying cycle.

Things You'll Need

  • Spirit level
  • Wood block
  • Wrench
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      Unplug the Kenmore dryer from the wall.

    • 2

      Set a level on top of the unit facing left to right.

    • 3

      Lift the front of the dryer up if it isn't level on one side and set a wood block underneath it to prop the dryer up.

    • 4

      Turn the unbalanced leg on the Kenmore dryer counterclockwise with a wrench to increase the size of the leg and lift up the dryer, or counterclockwise to shorten the leg and lower the dryer.

    • 5

      Lower the front of the dryer. Check the level and make further adjustments if necessary.

    • 6

      Plug the Kenmore dryer back in.

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