How to Make a Timeline in Apple's Pages

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Use Apple’s Pages application to create documents on your Mac.

When you are making a document on your Mac with Pages, you might determine that you need to provide some milestones or events information in the form of a timeline. Pages is an application for doing desktop publishing, and it is part of Apple’s iWork suite of programs, which also includes applications for making spreadsheets and slideshow presentations. Pages has drawing tools that enable you to quickly create a timeline made of boxes, lines and text.


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      Click “Applications” on your Mac’s Dock, and click “iWork,” then click “Pages.” The Template Chooser window opens.

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      Click the word “Blank” under “Page Layout” on the left side of the Pages application window, and click the “Blank Canvas” thumbnail, then click “Choose” to create a new blank document.

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      Click the “Shapes” drop-down menu at the top of the Pages application window. Click the line icon to add a horizontal line to the document. Click the line and drag it to the position on the page where you want set up your timeline. Drag the handle on either end of the line to extend it or shorten it.

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      Click the “Text Box” button at the top of the Pages window to add a blank text box to the document. Drag the text box beneath the timeline and position it to the far left, where it will serve as the first date. Type a date in the text box. For example, type “1910” if your timeline starts with the year 1910. Click the “Fonts” button at the top of the Pages window to open the fonts palette. Click the settings to change the font, style and size.

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      Click “Shapes,” then click the line icon to add another line to the document. Drag the horizontal line’s handle upward to make the line vertical. Drag the vertical line to place it above the first text box you created. Drag the line’s handles up or down to change the line’s length. This line will connect the date box to a second box above it that contains the text describing that particular milestone or event.

    • 6

      Click “Text Box” to create another text box. Drag the text box to place it above the line connected to the date box. Type in information about the milestone or event. Repeat the process of creating lines and text boxes to add more events to your timeline.

    • 7

      Click “File” from the Pages menu, then click “Save.” A dialog box appears. Type a name for your document, then click a folder on your Mac where you want to save it and click “Save.”

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