How to Hit a Fireball at PS3 Table Tennis

In table tennis, a fireball (also known as a power shot) occurs when you hit the ball fast and hard at your opponent. Since the table tennis game that comes with the PlayStation 3 game "Sports Champions" attempts to mimic real-life table tennis in every way, you perform a fireball in the game just as you would in real life: by hitting the ball fast and hitting the ball hard.


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      Wait for the ball to be returned to your side of the pingpong table. You can either wait for the ball to bounce on your side or, if your opponent hit the ball up into the air, you can hit it on the fly.

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      Hold the PlayStation Move wand horizontally, like you would hold a real table tennis paddle: in one hand, with the tip of the wand facing away from you.

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      Swing the PlayStation Move wand at the ball quickly and with force. If you waited for the ball to bounce, swing along a horizontal plane with a slight downward angle. If you are hitting the ball while it is still in the air, swing along a vertical plane with a sharp downward angle. As long as you swing fast and hard, and make full contact with the ball, you will hit a fireball shot to the other side.

Tips & Warnings

  • Stand directly in front of the PlayStation Move camera to ensure that the camera picks up all of the wand's movements.
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