How to Mount Skate Plates on Tennis Shoes

Whether you're looking for a custom skate to suit your needs or a budget-friendly skate option, mounting a skate plate on a pair of comfortable tennis shoes can be an ideal solution. Skate mounting may take some practice, but it is something you can do on the cheap in your garage.

Things You'll Need

  • Tennis shoes
  • Skate plates
  • Glue


    • 1

      Choose a pair of comfortable tennis shoes as your skate boots. Soccer shoes, indoor or outdoor, are a good choice; if you choose outdoor soccer shoes, make sure to cut off the plastic cleats. The shoe must have a fairly flat surface in order to work with a glue mount.

    • 2

      Select your skate plates. If you want something cheap, you'll want to choose a nylon plate. If you want something more durable, choose aluminum. Remember a good aluminum plate is going to be costly. The plate should never be longer than the shoe; it should typically be an inch or two shorter.

    • 3

      Select a glue compatible with the plates and shoes for proper adhesion.

    • 4

      Decide how you want to mount the plates. Centered plates will provide stability, while plates positioned forward toward the toe of the shoe will provide more agility.

    • 5

      Coat the top, flat side of the plate with glue.

    • 6

      Place the plate against the upside-down shoe, making sure you set it exactly where you want it to sit. Repeat this process with the other plate and shoe; the positioning should be the same on each shoe.

    • 7

      Wipe away any excess glue.

    • 8

      Clamp the plates to the shoes, and leave them in place as they dry. Consult the glue bottle for the drying time; use caution and allow extra drying time before testing out the skates on the street.

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