How to Texture an Aircraft for Fs2004 in Gmax

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Create Flight Simulator 2004 textures with GMax

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight includes the Wright Flyer, Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis," Lockheed Vega and the DC-3. The Flight Simulator franchise encourages its community to create new planes, airports and textures. Flight Simulator 2004 comes bundled with Gmax, a 3D modeling tool. With Microsoft's 2004 SDK, you can design new planes or create new textures for historic planes with Gmax.

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  • Photo manipulation software
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      Download and install the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 Software Developer Kit. The zip file also includes the Gmax Gamepack SDK. Load, edit and modify texture files in your photo manipulation software.

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      Restart Gmax and load your untextured airplane. Press "M" to start the Material editor. Click "New," naming your first material black. Change the diffuse color swatch to R:12, G:16 and B:8. Select the first part of your model that is black and click "Apply."

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      Select the wings, apply a "planar UVW mapping," select the right axis and click "fit." Create a new texture named "wings." Click "apply texture" in the diffuse tab. Select "WingsDifuse.jpg." Select the bump tab and load and apply "WingsBump.jpg."

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      Select the fuselage apply "planar UVW mapping" once again. Name a new material: fuselage - sides. Add diffuse and bump textures. Select "2-sided" checkbox and apply the material to the fuselage. Apply diffuse and bump textures to the rest of your model. Save your file when finished.

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      Run "MakeMDL" from the SDK and import your plane. This translates your model into Flight Simulator 2004 format. Export your plane into the starter airport.

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