How to Play "Pocket God" on Facebook

Pocket God is an online single-player game available on Facebook for free and various cell phone services as a third-party application. In Pocket God, you play as a virtual god over a primitive island, only inhabited with people you create yourself known as pygmies. Over time, you have the ability to rule and control additional islands and larger tribes of pygmies. Playing Pocket God only takes a few seconds to set up, install and begin.


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      Open your computer's Internet browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and visit Facebook to log in using the email address and password used to become a member on the network.

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      Search for "Pocket God" once you log in to Facebook using the search bar, located at the very top of the site.

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      Click "Go to App" from the Pocket God official page on Facebook and click "Allow" to complete the installation of the game to your account. The Pocket God game will load within your browser on Facebook.

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      Follow the on-screen tutorial once Pocket God loads entirely, learning the basics of the game. Click the cross icon at the top of the game to spawn the virtual "pygmies" in the game. The higher your level, the more pygmies you can have on your island at once.

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      Click and hold the left-click on your mouse on the virtual pygmies to pick them up, drown them or fling them off into oblivion. As the "God" over your virtual island, you are also required to sacrifice the virtual pygmies inhabiting the island to level up and earn respect from the villagers.

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      Click "Store" to purchase decorations and activities for your pygmies as you grow the island. Alternatively, purchase "God Powers" within the store to give alternative ways to send the virtual islanders to their fate -- giving you additional power and increasing your level in the game.

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      Increase your level in Pocket God by increasingly sacrificing more virtual pygmy villagers over time while also adding decorations to your island.

Tips & Warnings

  • Ask you friends on Facebook to join Pocket God with you to become a neighbor, helping to level up in the game quicker.
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