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Listen to streaming music from Pandora on your Nook Color.

The Nook Color e-reader comes preloaded with several applications, including Pandora, a free streaming radio application. If you already have a Pandora account, you can use the same login information on your Nook. If you don't have an account you can create one. Once started, you can use all of the same features available on the Web version of Pandora, such as creating stations and skipping tracks.


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      Touch the white arrow at the bottom of the Nook to open the Quick Nav Bar and tap "Apps." A list of applications stored on your Nook appears on the screen.

    • 2

      Tap "Pandora." The "Login to Pandora" screen appears.

    • 3

      Touch the "Register for Free" button under "Create New Account" if you don't have a Pandora account and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account.

    • 4

      Enter your Pandora email address in the "Please enter your email address" text box and your password in the "Please enter your password" text box. Touch "Login" when you're finished.

    • 5

      Touch "Add Station." Type the name of an artist or song in the "Artist or Song" text box and touch "Done." A list of searches appears on the screen.

    • 6

      Tap the name of the search that most closely matches what you want to hear to start the station.

    • 7

      Touch "My Stations" at the bottom of the screen if you already have multiple stations created and tap the name of the station you want to hear.

    • 8

      Tap the thumbs up icon on the bottom of the currently playing artist screen to hear more songs similar to that artist or song. Tapping the thumbs down prevents that song from playing again on that station and keeps similar artists and songs from playing on the station.

    • 9

      Touch the bookmark icon, which is found to the right of the thumbs up icon, to bookmark an artist or song so that you can look it up later.

    • 10

      Tap the pause button to pause playback.

    • 11

      Touch the right forward arrows with the line to skip a song.

    • 12

      Tap the book icon on the bottom of the screen to return to your book. Pandora continues to play as you're reading.

    • 13

      Touch the "P" icon on the bottom of the screen while in any section of the Nook to open Pandora when it's running in the background.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can skip only six songs in one hour and 12 songs in one day.

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