How to Make Frills on Clothes

Altering your clothes to add new features is an excellent way to refresh your wardrobe economically. Knowing how to create frills to add to your clothing can result in many more options for clothing decoration. Frills can made any garment look whimsical and even festive. A bit of frill can transform a dress from one of simple tailoring to one that is elaborate and full. Once you have mastered how to create a frill, the possibilities are endless.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


    • 1

      Measure the space on the garment where you would like to place a frill. Multiply that measurement by two. Cut a strip of fabric to that length.

    • 2

      Sew along the top of the strip using the longest stitch on your sewing machine. One you have reached the end of the strip, do not backstitch.

    • 3

      Sew a second line parallel to the first line.

    • 4

      Pull the strings gently at the end of each row, causing the fabric to gather. Move the gathered fabric so that it is even and to your liking.

    • 5

      Sew the frill to your piece of clothing of choice. Sew the frill in a way that hides the threads and sewn lines.

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