How to Lace Double-Layered Converse High-Tops and Low-Tops

Converse shoes have been around since the early 1900s. The shoes are often referred to as "Chucks" in reference to one-time Converse employee and Harlem Globetrotter Chuck Taylor. In the years since Converses were introduced to the fashion world, dozens of different styles have come out; some are double layered high and low tops. To lace these Converse sneakers you can use a variety of lacing methods; however, the most secure and easiest way to lace them is the standard cross method.


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      Straighten out the laces of your shoes so they lie flat; not only does it look better when your laces are flat but they will last longer and fit more securely.

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      Take an end of the lace in each hand and insert the tips into the bottom set of eyelets in the Converse sneakers. You can insert the tips through the top of the eyelets or through the bottom; whichever you prefer.

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      Continue holding an end of the lace in each hand and cross the laces to make an "X" shape. Insert the tips of each lace into the next set of eyelets. Repeat this pattern until you reach the top set of eyelets, which is where you tie your shoes.

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