Installing Truck Speakers



  • Trucks come in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, some trucks may have built-in compartments for speakers, while others have removable speaker grilles. Speakers that are in removable grilles are removed from the vehicle first. The older speakers are held in by screws that are removed with a screwdriver. The remaining harness must be removed. Some vehicles will require speakers to be installed directly into the side of the door or the dashboard. Ensure that door speakers allow ample room for the window to roll up and down. This is easily tested by checking that the windows roll down after installing the new speakers. A speaker that is too deep into the door panel may cause an interruption to the window rolling down all the way.

Side Door Speakers

  • The installation of the new speaker requires that the old harness be connected to the new speaker. The speaker harness is then plugged into the new speaker, which is then fitted into the fixture or harness in the truck. The arrangement is placed in the fixture/opening, then secured in place with screws (ensure that the wires on the new speaker are connected to the leads in the side door fixture). After mounting the harness and speaker, the grille is positioned over the new speaker and screws are used to fasten the completed speaker arrangement in place.

Dashboard Speakers and Door Panels

  • Dashboard speakers can be installed in many of the older truck models. The dash pads, and sometimes the door panels, must be removed first in order to gain access to the old speaker. A door panel may have the screws hidden away under the armrest or door latch area. Removing the trim panels will allow access to the speaker. The panel is removed using a screwdriver, lifting it up, and the harness wiring disconnected. If clips are included with the harness, they are removed and set aside with the screws for the trim panels.

Rear Deck Speakers

  • Rear deck speakers are fixed in place, either top-mounted or down-mounted. Top-mounted speakers require that the grilles are removed first. The speaker screws are removed and the harness detached. The new speaker is connected to the harness, and the plug from the harness is mated with the connection in the speaker (harness that is connected to the vehicle). The arrangement of the harness and speaker is set in place within the fixture on the rear deck. The screws are tightened to secure the new mounted speaker in place. The grille is finally placed over the speaker. Some grilles may simply snap in place; others may require a screw to secure the mount. In the case of bottom-mounted speakers, the speakers are removed by accessing the trunk. The screws are loosened from inside of the trunk, and the harness with the old speaker is removed.

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