Troubleshooting Whirlpool Supreme Dryers


Supreme Dryer Isn't Heating Up

  • Whirlpool Supreme dryers are electric models, so there's no pilot light to check and no danger of a gas leak. The downside is that means there's bound to be a problem with the heating elements and the most you can hope for is that it's not an expensive fix. Unplug the dryer and pry it away from the wall. Remove the large service panel in the back by pressing in the tabs along the sides. There should be a small card of plastic with two blues wires connecting to two other ports. This is the heating fuse. A new one can be slotted in place for the cost of the part. If the heating fuse was not the problem and the dryer still won't heat up, then there's either a fault in the circuit board controlling the heating coils, or something within the heating coils themselves is broken. Both will be expensive and time costly fixes, requiring the services of a repair person.

Dryer Won't Start

  • This is also an electrical problem, so start with the basics. Ensure that the electrical plug is in the wall socket. Check your circuit breaker. It's possible that a power surge threw the breakers without your notice. If you've no luck here, open up the dryer again. Pull the back panel off and locate the heating fuse. Within about 6 inches of that should be a flat square metal plate held on with screws. Remove the screws and use a flashlight to look inside. You should see a series of wires, one leading in from the wall socket and two more of differing color. These wires connect the internal circuit board with the motor and heating elements of the dryer. If they are charred or you smell burnt plastic, then they have burned out. They can be replaced by hand if you have the manual for the dryer; make sure you use the same wiring. If the dryer still won't work, then there's something wrong with the controlling circuit board itself and a repair person should be contacted.

Dryer Won't Tumble Clothes

  • If the dryer runs but doesn't tumble your clothes, there is something wrong with your door switch, belt drive or motor. Open the dryer's door and locate the small switch in a depression along the lip. Press it inward by hand and see if the dryer doesn't start by itself. If, when you press the switch in, it does not make an audible click, the switch is broken and must be replaced. If the switch works, remove the internal drum of the dryer; the exact way of doing this will differ depending on the model of Whirlpool Supreme dryer you own. Inspect the rubberized belt that's attached to the motor behind the drum. If it is slack, frayed or not placed around the drive shaft of the motor properly, it must be replaced. Try spinning the drive shaft of the motor by hand. If there's no give at all, or it spins with absolutely no resistance, the motor is to blame.

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