How Does a Tune-up Help a Car?


Increases Vehicle Efficiency

  • A tune-up enables a car to run much more efficiently. A standard tune-up, which normally includes replacement of spark plugs, adjustment and cleaning of the fuel injection system and service or adjustment of various ignition and fuel system components, brings the main operating systems of a car back to factory specifications. With all of these systems operating at an optimal level, a vehicle performs at its maximum efficiency and functionality.

Reduces Vehicle Exhaust Emissions

  • A tune-up reduces the amount of emissions from a car during operation. When a car's engine components are maladjusted or not functioning properly, fuel is not burned correctly or adequately, increasing emissions and particulate matter from the car's tailpipe. A standard tune-up will ensure that the main components responsible for proper fuel combustion like ignition timing, filters and spark plugs are replaced or adjusted to work properly.

Increases Vehicle Gas Mileage

  • A tune-up makes a car more fuel efficient. An improperly tuned car cannot burn fuel properly, creating a detriment not only for the outside air but to the car's fuel economy. A tune-up ensures that the main components supporting maximal fuel economy for a car -- ignition timing, spark plugs, filters and oxygen sensors -- are replaced or adjusted.

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