Reasons for Car Engine Overheating


Your Car's Temperature

  • It takes several different components working together to keep your car running at optimal temperature. Different engines operate at varying temperatures, and one must strive to keep the vehicle's engine at it's proper temperature. When the car engine overheats, it becomes hard on the moving parts in the engine. It will eventually cause the engine to stall out, leaving one stranded, and can cause irreparable harm to the engine of the vehicle.

Low on Water

  • Car radiators are filled with water. This water is cooled by a fan in front of it. When the engine is running, this water will cycle through the engine by way of hoses and a water pump. This cooled water keeps the engine parts cool. If the radiator is low, there is not enough water circulating to keep the engine cool. Radiators need to be checked often to make sure they have an ample mixture of water and coolant in them.


  • Radiators, hoses and gaskets get damaged and wear out over time. Radiators operate in a pressurized circuit. Radiator caps keep the system at the proper pressurization for the type of engine it is cooling. If the hoses, or radiator develop leaks, the cooling system will lose excess water, and will lose its optimal pressure. Check all hoses, the radiator , and around the water pump to see if there are any leaks.

Bad Water Pump

  • A water pump helps circulate the water from the car radiator to the engine and back. Water pumps have mechanical parts in them that can fail over time. It will cease to pump the water through the cooling circuit properly, thus causing the car to overheat. The water pump is also driven by a pulley system and belt. This belt may become worn, stretched or frayed.

Bad Thermostat

  • Thermostats in vehicles allow the water to flow through the system when it reaches the proper temperature. The thermostat will open or close, either allowing the water to flow freely to cool the engine, or keeping the water out of the engine block until it reaches the right temperature. If the thermostat fails to open and allow cool water to flow to the engine block, the engine will overheat.

Irregular Maintenance

  • Regular maintenance and keeping an eye on radiator hoses and belts and checking for leaks should keep an engine cooled and running fine. If the car has over heated and none of the minor things seem to be the problem, it could be an internal problem with the engine itself. This will require a diagnostic test from a certified mechanic.

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