When to Pick Scotch Bonnet Peppers?


Scotch bonnet peppers are frequently used in Jamaican cooking. They are naturally hot -- hotter than most habaneros -- but removing the seeds creates a milder flavor. Scotch bonnet peppers are ready to pick approximately four months after sowing and can be used immediately or dried.

Time Frame

  • Seedlings are transplanted into the field six weeks after sowing. The peppers will be ready to pick 12 weeks after that, when they have ripened.

Examine the Pepper

  • To check that the scotch bonnet pepper is ready to pick, examine the stalk. If there is a clear line between the stalk and the pepper, it's ready for harvest. If there isn't a clear line, allow the pepper to continue growing, and check on it regularly.


  • Harvest the peppers when they are just beinning to turn yellow. The best time to pick is early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is cooler. Cut the stems from the vine with scissors. This is easier than pulling the peppers off of the vine.


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