Metal vs. Flexible Dryer Vents


Dryer vents are used to expel dryer exhaust and lint to the outside of the house. The hose that is used to carry the exhaust and lint to the outside can be a flexible vent hose or an aluminum or steel vent pipe.


  • Aluminum or steel vent pipes are smooth inside, but flexible vent hoses have ridges inside. The flexible vent hose will trap more lint in the ridges, while a metal vent pipe does not trap the lint inside of the pipe. The flexible hose, with lint trapped in the ridges, is more likely to be the source of fire if the hose gets too hot than a metal pipe.


  • Metal pipes will not become brittle from the heat over years of use as flexible vent hoses will. Rips and tears in plastic or foil hoses will release lint and dryer exhaust into the room.


  • Metal pipes are easier to clean and removing the lint buildup is also easier. Flexible hoses are hardier to clean because the lint settles in the ridges, which is harder to get to with a vacuum.


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