Rocker Torque Specifications for a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0L


The rocker arms in a 2000 Ford Ranger transfer camshaft movement to valve movement, which control the inlet and exhaust of gasses into each cylinder. Given the fast operating speed of the camshaft, precise rocker arm maintenance is crucial to the operation of the 3.0 liter V6 engine.


  • A moderate level of mechanical experience is necessary when performing this adjustment. Proper rocker arm torque is essential to safe engine operation.


  • Every hardware item in an internal combustion engine must be torqued. Proper torqueing prevents the hardware from working its way loose, damaging the rocker arm from excessive torque or allowing the rocker arm to shift during operation.

Initial Torque

  • Torque each fulcrum bolt to 8 foot-pounds. If your foot-pound torque wrench does not adjust to 8 foot-pounds, torque to 96 inch-pounds with an inch-pound wrench.

Final Torque

  • With the number one piston top dead center, torque the number one exhaust, number two intake, number four exhaust, number five intake and both piston three and six valve fulcrum bolts to 19 foot-pounds. With the number two piston top dead center, torque the number one intake, number two exhaust, number four intake and number five exhaust valve fulcrum bolts to 19 foot-pounds.

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